Feature: Workflows

Run workflows to automate tasks with AI.

Workflows are AI automations you can use to save time on repetitive digital tasks.

Workflows take inputs like an instruction, email, URL or file, then use AI to run a sequence of steps to perform the task.

Each workflow is designed to perform a specific task. How Cykel performs the task varies depending on the inputs and context you've provided.

Workflows are sequences of actions that together form a multi-step task, for example:

  • Composing and sending emails

  • Interacting with software via API

  • Analysing and editing data

  • Generating and editing files

  • Searching the internet

  • Navigating UI by clicking around

  • Reasoning with AI to make decisions

How to Run a Workflow

  1. Select a workflow

  2. Enter the inputs (if required)

  3. Click "Run Template"

  4. That's it! AI does the rest

Workflows integrate with thousands of third party apps out-the-box. So you can add AI automation to the tools and systems you already use. Read more about third party integrations here.

Workflows can also use Browser Assistant to interact with UI by clicking, scrolling, filling in fields etc. This makes it possible to automate where APIs aren't available, unlocking more uses.

Your available workflows can be found under the home tab.

Core workflows are available to all accounts, custom workflows tailored to your business are only available on Enterprise plans.

To discuss creating custom workflows for specific uses in your business with our Enterprise plan, talk to sales.

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