Feature: Browser Assistant

Automate tasks in your browser using Cykel to interact with UI on your behalf.

Browser Assistant is in beta and is only available to selected users.

Browser Assistant automates tasks by interacting with user interfaces directly, as a human would.

Describe your task step-by-step in the message bar. Cykel analyses your instructions, generates a plan, then takes actions like navigating, clicking and filling in forms to complete the task.

Browser Assistant acts as your co-pilot – speeding up browser-based tasks that would otherwise take up time clicking around interfaces manually.

Browser Assistant differs from Workflows and is suitable for different tasks, like when no APIs are available.

Example Instructions:

Task: Send a personalised connection request on Linkedin

  1. Search Linkedin for {name}'s profile

  2. Click Connect

  3. Write a personalised note

  4. Click Send

  5. Task complete

With Browser Assistant, the quality of your prompt determines how well Cykel performs the task. Remember to provide all the information necessary to complete the task, and write in clear step-by-step instructions.

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