Feature: Context

Fine-tune Cykel with knowledge of your business to customise how it responds.

You can customise how Cykel performs tasks by giving it background information about you, your company and your processes. This is called Context.

For example, to compose a tailored sales email Cykel needs to know details like your name and job title. It also needs to understand what your company does, your products and your brand voice.

You only need to set these details once. Cykel can then repeat the workflow, tailoring its response each time.

Once set, context is automatically applied to other workflows. No need to repeat context you've already added for a different workflow.

Context enables Cykel to be a more helpful assistant and act in exactly the way you want it to. Think of it like training a new employee.

You can experiment with context to fine-tune how Cykel responds on more creative tasks, like writing emails or generating content.

Context Examples:

  • Sending a personalised sales email: Cykel refers to your company bio and an example sales email to compose a tailored email.

  • Creating an invoice: Cykel knows your company address when creating a new invoice.

  • Generating a weekly report: Cykel refers to an example report template to create a weekly report using data from your CRM.

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